Types of Homeowners insurance Florida for your home

Your house is easily your most valuable asset, not just in terms of its monetary value, but what it means to you: shelter, safety and a place to call your own. But what will happen if there’s a fire or hurricane? What will you do if a robber breaks in and steals all your valuables while you’re away? Do you know the types of homeowners insurance Florida you can purchase for your home? Insurance can help you repair the damage and get back on your feet. Here are the different types of homeowners insurance in Florida that you should invest in.


  1. Property Damage caused by other people


We all wish we had nice neighbors, but unfortunately, there could be vandals or wandering gangs who decide to wreak havoc on your home. Some of the most common types of property damage reported to the police and companies are vandalism, graffiti, and malicious destruction (ex: someone throwing a rock at your window).


There can also be accidental property damage, like a tree branch falling on to your roof.

Either way, many homeowners insurance in Florida cover situations when other people cause damage to your property.


  1. Property damage caused by natural disasters


Hurricanes, massive floods, and brush fires can cause hundreds of thousands’ worth of property damage to any buildings in their path. These natural disasters are never automatically covered in the standard homeowners insurance in Florida. You will need to ask for riders and discuss with your agent how much coverage you’re willing to pay for.


  1. Property loss due to theft


You may want to get coverage for particular valuables, such as paintings, antiques or rare collections. You will first need to get a professional assessment of the value of these properties, and then talk to your company agent about the kind of coverage you can get.


  1. Property damage caused to house fire


Faulty electrical wiring or an oven accident can cause fires that wipe out rooms or even raze entire homes to the ground. You should take proper precautions: get smoke alarms, keep fire extinguishers on each floor and teach everyone in the house how to use them. But as additional protection, talk to homeowners insurance Florida providers about fire insurance.


These are the broad categories of homeowners insurance Florida companies can provide. Talk to an agent to get a more specific plan and quote based on your needs and budget. You can also get special riders for situations that are not covered by your policy.

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