Four Myths about Cheap Texas Auto Insurance

We all want to make purchases we’re proud of. No one wants to throw good money after a bad policy, which is probably why there are so many rumors and myths floating around about cheap car insurance. But before you decide to avoid the cheap route, let’s look a little deeper at some of these myths and see just how true they are.

Myth 1: Cheap policies don’t offer good coverage.

This is a pretty scary myth because it implies that people think you have to spend a whole lot of money to get a whole lot of coverage and if you’re a careful comparison shopper, you’ll quickly find that this isn’t true. When it comes to shopping for auto insurance, a little bit of research can go a long way to saving money. Not only does comparison shopping help you shave pennies off your premiums, but shopping for discounts, bundling and looking at special on-board technology can all drop your rates without sacrificing your coverage.

Myth 2: You can trust a cheap carrier.

This myth isn’t always false. Some carriers that undercharge for cheap Texas auto insurance might not be able to sustain their business once claims start rolling in — but this is not true of all carriers. The best thing for consumers do to avoid choosing a financially insecure company is to look at the A. M. Best rating of the insurer they want to choose. A. M. Best completes an annual review of carriers’ finances and assigns each company a letter grade that indicates its financial strength and the likelihood that it will be able to pay claims. By choosing a highly rated company to secure your cheap auto insurance with, you can rest assured that they’ll be ready and able to pay claims when you have them.

Myth 3: Getting your claim will be like pulling teeth.

When you choose a highly rated carrier for your cheap Texas auto insurance, you’re choosing a carrier that has invested its time in developing an efficient process and supportive infrastructure. That means the insurer can charge less without sacrificing service. So once you’ve submitted all the information the insurer requests, normal or even expedited processing times should follow.

Myth 4: Cheap Texas auto insurance isn’t good enough.

If you spend a lot on your vehicle, then you want to know that you’ve got an insurance policy that’s worthy of the value your vehicle represents. A cheap Texas auto insurance policy issued by a financially strong carrier that covers you sufficiently is a smart move. It’s a far better option than a pricey policy that gives you no added benefits and is hard to maintain because of its high price. With that kind of insurance, you could find yourself with a lapsed policy at the wrong time, leaving you exposed to damage costs and fines.

Cheap insurance is a positive thing for your car, your safety and your budget. If you want assistance finding the right cheap insurance policy for your needs, visit They can help you compare policies and premiums and find helpful discounts that control your monthly spending.